Fit Guide

Each garment made by The Flannel Store is carefully cut and sewn only after you have ordered it. This ensures you will receive a garment made just for you.
Because a lot of care and time goes into your garment, it is really important that you pick the correct size. So please take a good look at the Sizing Guide for the specific garment you are ordering to ensure your sizing is correct.

And don’t fret if you fall somewhere in between the sizes. Sewing garments on-demand and on-site allows us the flexibility to make a garment specifically to your size at no extra cost. Just pick the “Custom Size” option when choosing your garment. You can then provide your measurements in the Notes Box when checking out. And because all orders come directly to our sewing studio, we'll make sure to reach out with any questions or extra information needed to ensure your garment is made just for you.

How to Take Your Measurements

Rule of Thumb: Have someone else take your measurements for you, if possible. This ensures a better measurement by avoiding stretching and bending body parts to read the tape measure.

However, if you must measure yourself, guidelines are provided below to help you. Just remember to keep the tape measure flat against your skin and don’t pull too tightly on it. It should touch your skin but not feel super snug.


Measure around your back, under arms, and across the fullest part of your chest.


Measure all the way around your waist at your belly button, or about 1” below your belly button.

Note: To find your natural waist, stand straight, then bend to one side. Your natural waist is typically where the bend happens. It is a bit higher than where many women tend to wear their pants or skirts.


Measure all the way around your hips at the widest point.


With your right arm down (not locked at the elbow), measure around your right bicep at the fullest point.


Standing with straight legs (not locked at the knees), measure around your quadricep.


Standing straight, measure from the end of one shoulder, across the back of neck base, to the end of the other shoulder. You will want someone to help you with this measurement.

PANT LENGTH - Exterior Side

Standing straight, measure on the outside of your leg starting at the point where the pants will sit on your waist/lower waist, and extend the tape measure to your ankle where you want the pants to reach.

Note: Pant styles differ as to where they sit on your waist/lower waist. Refer to the pant style description for the pants you want to order, and take your measurement based on where they are noted to sit on your waist/lower waist.

INSEAM LENGTH - Interior Leg

Standing straight with legs close together, measure from the ankle where you want your pants to hit, and go up to your crotch. This is the inseam length.

If you would like some help with the measurements, please email us at and we'll make sure to personally answer any questions you have.

Thank you for your trust,
The Flannel Store